Cryptolicious. Cryptotastic. Cryptotaining.

We are all about finding balance in life. This podcast was created to stimulate your pineal gland and synchronize your mind with your true purpose.  Listen with your spine erect and join us as we find the perfect balance to live our lives wisely in harmony with technology while still remaining spiritual.

  Our mission is to supply you with chi for success and feed your brain  the wisdom and experience of esoterics, psychologists, yogis, gurus, motivational speakers, martial artists, psychics, researches of the human consciousness, therapists, mystics, astrologists, buddhist monks, niche crowd entertainers, taoists, authors, professors, unique business owners, masters of their craft, parapsychologists, hypnotherapists, tea drunkards, magicians, practitioners of ____, nomads, life coaches, mind readers, holistics, druids, healers, spirit guides, scientists, visionaries, shamans, doctors, sages, luminaries, industry leaders and professionals in the field of personal growth and development, artists, sorcerers, naturalists, acupuncturists, health practitioners, adventurers, risk takers, and generally anyone that is passionate about reaching the next level, want to help others, and attribute their success to strategy, hard work, and the spiritual side of being. The list goes on.

It’s almost like the X-Files. But real. Sort of.

   The Gold And Child Enlightainment Podcast features interviews with people who realize that there is something more to all of this. A mysterious force awaiting to teach us. Something, from which we can learn and apply to our lives to better our chances of reaching our stars. These talks are designed to illuminate not only the work of our guests but also what goes into the process and how to successfully implement their knowledge and discoveries into our everyday states of being.

We also interview entrepreneurs about certain philosophies that they adhere to when executing their strategies for personal growth and success. The entrepreneurs that we interview include bestselling authors, online business owners, marketers, speakers, business coaches and consultants. Topics discussed include entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, leadership, productivity, personal development, overcoming adversity, investing, wealth creation, motivation, and success.

Since the words spirituality and success mean different things to different people, the individuals we interview usually fall into one or multiple categories:

1) They are passionate about what they do
2) They are good at what they do (they get RESULTS and share them)
3) They are an overall well-balanced, healthy, and happy individual

Most of the people who meet these criteria are also some of the brightest, most amazingly interesting, professional people in their respective fields.

About The Host


Kali JuGreetings. My name is Kali. At the age of 25 I read a book that completely shifted my views and changed the direction of my life. That book is Path Notes Of An American Ninja Master by the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris. It lit a fire inside my heart and put me on my never ending quest to find, learn, understand, and apply the techniques, principles, and strategies that are found everywhere (if you look) to my life, so that I can be combat ready and appropriate for any situation. I wanted to become successful – and to me that meant the destruction of the ego (that was directly in the way of my growth as a human being) and total mastery of the self. My passion for learning from great masters of our time and sharing that knowledge with others led me to start this journey of a thousand hearts – where my goal is to interview 1000 people and spread their collective wisdom, knowledge and experience to others. In 2016 I am launching my first version of The Gold And Child Enlightainment podcast – a medium to introduce the law of attraction to your life and help you reach your ultimate goals.


About The Audience:

The majority of the Gold And Child Enlightainment Podcast audience resides in Canada and the United States, followed by Australia and the UK. Most of these individuals are professionals in their field, business owners or just curious ‘travelers of worlds’, like my self, who are interested in learning more about the workings of the mind, parallel dimensions and how reconnecting with your subtle senses can be viewed as a place of power, from which you can draw and apply to your life to attain enlightenment and success – whatever that means to you as an individual.

About The Topics:

  • Tell us a little about your self.
  • How you got started in ___.
  • Why you decided to become a/an ___.
  • The process of ___.
  • An overview of your ___.
  • Advice on your area of expertise ___.
  • Challenges you have faced and how you have overcome those challenges ___.
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to your state of being ___.
  • Specific books or resources that have been helpful to you ___.
  • Your definition of ___.
  • Advice for aspiring individuals about ___.

Interview Terms and Conditions:

1. Ownership of Produced Media

By participating in the Gold And Child Enlightainment Podcast, you agree to allow me, Kali Ju, to record, distribute, and disseminate the produced media in any manner I feel appropriate. You also agree to allow me to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, online courses, other websites, and all other public distribution.

2. Promotion & Exposure

As a guest on the Gold And Child Enlightainment Podcast you will receive an exclusive page on this website with your name, interview title, photograph, bio, and appropriate links to your website(s). Your interview page will remain on this website indefinitely, and may become a source of continued traffic to your website(s). Your interview will be promoted to thousands of followers on social media and to my list of email subscribers. This exposure may or may not result in new clients or customers to your business.

Preparing For Your Interview:

At the time of the interview, as scheduled by you, using calendly.com/goldandchild, I will contact you via Skype. I will be recording audio only. If you do not have a Skype account, a reliable internet connection and an external microphone (a laptop’s built-in microphone will not suffice), you can provide me with your mobile phone number as an alternative. A typical interview lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, as scheduled using calenedly.com/goldandchild although, you should allocate an extra 10 to 15 minutes to allow for sound check and brief discussion before and/or after the interview.

To help minimize background noises or possible interruptions (technological or otherwise), please ensure that you are in a private/enclosed area at the time of the interview. The interview will be professionally edited before it is published to help minimize background noises, volume fluctuations, and in some cases, verbal slip-ups.

Sharing Your Interview:

Once your interview is published, you will be sent a link to your interview page along with a custom image that you may use in your promotions. I encourage you to share the link to the interview with your audience to help increase your exposure and inspire more people with your message.

   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Gold And Child Enlightainment Podcast, and hope that together we can inspire others to achieve their personal goals and awaken our inner shinobi!

Thank you *bow*